Our on-line catalog is at and as of 2015 it is mobile adaptive for use on phones and tablets. On a DESKTOP or LAPTOP, this link brings you to a SEARCH TIPS screen. To do a search, use the buttons at the top to see Random Images or enter words most likely to fulfill your interest. On PHONES, due to screen size, the SEARCH TIPS is the welcome page and you have choice of two buttons: KEYWORD SEARCH or RANDOM IMAGES. The database is also available through Google or other search providers except for the most recent records.

The database represents over a third of our holdings with cataloging work diligently proceeding on the other materials along with digitization and transcription. We believe that the offerings available provide a respectable overview of the collections and, as a small museum with typical limited resources, useful detail regarding Hoboken history

Yes, we can make prints for most items with some subject to copyright, donor or technical restrictions. For usage other than personal use, contact Museum collections ( collections@ or 201-656-2260) for availability, current pricing and any restrictions.

All prints are digital inkjet prints on a semi-gloss paper, without a matte or frame. We offer a variety of sizes, from 8×11 to 13×19 at the same price: $25 per image. (Some popular images are offered in our online store.)

Prints up to 24” wide can be made for some images and the price will be quoted upon request. Special requirements regarding cropping or sizing for mattes can be considered, although charges may be made depending on the project.

In the database is an ORDER IMAGE email button (below every image) that can be used to order that specific image. Just fill in the form and send. (Note: you cannot order or pay for prints from the collections database in the online Museum Store; we will contact you to arrange payment.) Generally, orders are fulfilled within a week of receiving it.

No, the watermark only appears on the web images which are low resolution and not intended for printing.

We offer a 16×20 black frame with matte for 12×16 prints. Price: $75 including print. Local pick-up only and stock is limited.

Not every building or address in Hoboken will be found in our catalogue.

Try the name as a KEYWORD SEARCH using quotes around the name. Also under ADVANCED SEARCH make sure to click the PEOPLE box at the top. Remember that the spelling of names often varied over the years as well as first names (i.e. Philip – Phillip or nicknames, Dom for Dominic or Dominick.) Genealogy is one use for the database that we are constantly trying to improve.

Some of these files are available in the on-line database along with video, audio and similar files using the MULTIMEDIA LINK. Note that some of these are large files and may take a while to download or display; your capability with mobile devices will vary.

Yes, use the SEND FEEDBACK button (at top of every page) to tell us what you know and also, what may be incomplete or incorrect. Just complete the form and send. After our review, the information may be compiled in the record and credited as appropriate.

Use the EMAIL PAGE button (at top of every page.) Just complete the form and send.

You can see selected items from the collections that are on exhibition in the current main exhibition, but the collections themselves are not on permanent display. The Museum’s home is dedicated to changing exhibitions and programs and regrettably does not have room for permanent displays. Collections are housed off-site in a secure, non-public space.

Due to limited space and staff, research access is restricted. While all inquiries receive attention, we are unable to allow access to the storage areas. It is not a browsing collection as most items are boxed, shelved and stored in an appropriate manner; they can be retrieved for specific need.