Penny’s Storytime

1301 Hudson St.
Ages 2-5, 30 minutes
Twice every Thursday, 10 & 11 am

This storytime program is designed especially for our youngest museum guests. Named in honor of Penny Metsch, who created and hosted the program in 2005, the program presents stories and songs about city life read by Education Curator Maria Lara and guest readers. All are invited, but due to space constraints, reservations are required. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Starting in October 2017, Storytime will move to two half-hour sessions each Thursday; one at 10 a.m., the second at 11 a.m., to accommodate demand. A reservation link will be posted to our home page at 10:30 am on the day before each session.

This program is supported by our family sponsor, Macy’s, but a $3 suggested donation is appreciated.

Reservations must be made online between 10:30 am on Wednesday and 10:00 am on Thursday. Advance reservations are not available more than 24 hours before Storytime. If you cannot make a reservation by computer you may call 201/656-2240. For more information, contact us at

And we’re now including the following tips:

Tips and Guidelines for making Storytime successful:

  1. Reserve your space by registering online, and bring a printed registration form to help us expedite check-in.
  2. Doors to the Museum will open at 9:45 a.m. and 10:45 a.m.
  3. There is only one “late admittance” window during the songs after the first book.
  4. The museum is not childproof, so if you see your child trying to touch the cabinets or museum displays, please gently lead them back to the group.
  5. If your child is crying or having a difficult time, please take him or her outside so as not to disturb the others and try to come back another time.
  6. If your child is not being gentle with another child, please separate the children and make sure it doesn’t happen again. 
  7. Cell phones are fine for taking pictures of your child, but not for talking on or texting.
  8. All the adults in the room are role models for the children. If they see you sitting and listening to the story, they will too. If they see you talking or texting, they won’t. 
  9. Please enjoy your food after Storytime, not during, and take any cups or wrappers with you.

Thank you for your cooperation!