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  • "Hoboken from Afar" Photomontages by Roslyn Rose
    by Tom Egan September 15 - November 4 2012 Video by Tom Egan featuring Roslyn Rose, whose exhibit of photomontages, "Hoboken from Afar," was on view in the Upper Gallery in 2012. Rose, a New Jersey native and longtime Hoboken…
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  • "And Repeat" (with Ricardo Roig) by George Gross
    July 2012 A brief documentary by George Gross featuring artist Ricardo Roig discussing his Upper Gallery show, "Hoboken In Print" (July 29 - Sept 9, 2012). Roig, a young artist who moved to Hoboken in 2009 after finishing college, has…
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  • "Cornice" (An Illustration by Frank Hanavan)
    2010 A 2010 video of Frank Hanavan, a plein air painter, working on a typical canvas on Washington Street, Hoboken, N.J. Scenes of Frank painting outdoors are intercut with an interview where he discusses his training and approach to art.…
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