Sybil’s Cave

  • Sybil's Cave Today and Yesterday

    Sybil's Cave is the oldest manmade structure in Hoboken, created in 1832 by the Stevens Family as a folly on their property that contained a natural spring. By the mid-19th century the cave was a recreational destination within walking distance from downtown Hoboken. A restaurant offered outdoor refreshments beside the cave. When the Stevens' family property became Stevens Institute, the cave became property "of the Institute and periodically opened to the public in the early…

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  • There are many images and words related to this local landmark in the Museum's collections - some are older views and texts as well as modern photographic images. You will also find the documents seen on the other pages.

    We invite you to survey this group of catalogued materials by going to this link.


    ”Sybil’s Cave, at Hoboken, N.J.” Gleason’s Pictorial Drawing Room Companion, June 19, 1852,…

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  • Archaeological Assessment, Sybil's Cave

    Richard Grubb & Associates, Inc., Cultural Resource Consultants.

    This report presents the results of an Archaeological Assessment of Sybil's Cave, a mid-nineteenth century recreational grotto located on the west side of Frank Sinatra Drive in the City of Hoboken, Hudson County, New Jersey. This assessment was undertaken in support of broader planning efforts targeted at improving public access to the cave and providing historic interpretation of the site. The assessment included background research into the history…

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  • The Hoboken Museum Sybil's Cave

    Black & Veatch

    The purpose of this Technical Note (TN) is to present a geotechnical condition evaluation associated with the reopening of Sybil's Cave located in Hoboken, New Jersey. This man-made cave has been in existence for several hundred years.

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