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Jerrilyn Radigan Eckardt

Jerrilyn Radigan Eckardt has written us with memories and photos to share of Hoboken during the 1930s and 40s. Her father James (1919-1989) was a member of the 10th Street Rangers baseball team, and also participated in the Our Lady of Grace Drum Corp (and later, the Senior Drum Corps) and OLG basketball teams.

olg band c 36-38

Ms. Eckardt was able to identify the following people in this circa 1936 photo of the Our Lady of Grace band, reading left to right: James Radigan (top row, first), Joe Veldon (top row, third), Bobby Alexander (bottom row, first), Joe Grogan (bottom row, second) and Artie Gephardt (bottom row, last).

olg basketball 38-39

In this circa 1938 photograph of the OLG basketball team, she identified: Frank Lanzetti (top row, first from left), Teddy Nashman (top row, third), Jerry Fennell (top row, fourth), James Radigan (bottom row, first from left), Eddie Grogan (bottom row, second), Eugene Kiley (bottom row, third), Tom Fitzpatrick (bottom row, fourth), and Jack Phillips (bottom row, last).

olg basketball 40-41

In this circa 1940-41 OLG basketball team photo, she identified: Bernie Glendon (top row, first from left), Frank Lanzetti (top row, third), Jack Cook (top row, fourth), Msgr. Coyle (top row, fifth), Jack Phillips (top row, sixth), Bobby Alexaner (top row, seventh), Teddy Nashman (top row, eighth), Francis "Duke" McCourt (bottom row, first from left), Joe Grogan (bottom row, second), Tommy Fitzpatrick (bottom row, fourth), Billy O'Neill (bottom row, fifth), Joe Veldon (bottom row, sixth), and James Radigan (bottom row, last).

Ms. Eckardt told us that Jim Radigan was the building manager of OLG from 1938 to 1963 (with an interruption for WWII military service). He was caretaker of the church, school, rectory, orphanage, and convent. And "when they filmed On the Waterfront," Ms. Eckardt wrote, "Jim opened the church doors in one scene and was a member of the crowd in another."

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