• Main GalleryWorld War I Centennial, 1917-2017: Heaven, Hell or Hoboken
    August 6 – December 23, 2017
    “World War I Centennial, 1917-2017: Heaven, Hell or Hoboken” explores how Hoboken and its residents were transformed by the United States entry into World War I on April 6, 1917. The city was declared the main point of embarkation for…
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  • Upper Gallery30 Years of Snow: Calligraphy by Anna Pinto
    November 18 – December 31, 2017
    A hand-crafted card is a gift in itself, in an age when computer-generated “hand-writing” typefaces attempt to mimic the personal touch without quite pulling off the illusion. Hoboken-based lettering artist Anna Pinto has produced snow-themed calligraphic holiday cards for more…
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