An Uncommon Photograph

Photograph of a woman taken by Charles W. Day, Hoboken, ca. 1896-1898. 2015.015.0020

The woman in this charming photo wears what is probably an ethnic German-style dress. She is believed to have been a member of the Sanntrock family of Hoboken. The round cut print of her is mounted diagonally on a small (3-3/4″ square) decorative mount with a scalloped edge. Uncommon because of its mount as well as the man who took the photo. We have only a handful of photos done by Charles W. Day who operated a studio here for about three years. The photo is from a group of 26 photographs donated by the Steinhaus Sisters of Long Island, N.Y., in memory of the Sanntrock Family. The Sanntrocks and relatives are the subjects of this lot, many of which were from 19th C. or early 20th C. Hoboken photographers. To see them all in our online catalog, enter keywords: sanntrock family OR 2015.015.* The Sanntrocks include first and second generation German-Americans and the group relects their heritage in dress and demeanor as well as locations that the photographs came from.